• Game Account Information.
  • *Do not share your account and password with anyone, or data / characters in the game will be compromised. We must remember that never a GM or Moderator, or Administrator will either ask for your password or account number, the cases are due to hacker attempts, pay close attention to information that is passed to other players. Read More
  • 1 account per computer / 1 conta por computador
  • If you loggin more than 1 account per computer all accounts logged in on that computer will get 100 years ban / Se voce logar mais que uma conta em um computador todas as contas logada nele tomarar ban de 100 anos.

  • Terms
  • By creating a account I agree and accept the rules of the server and wish to proceed. | Voce criando uma conta voce concorda e aceita as regras do server, e desejo de prosseguir.