Ja deu uma olhada no Donate e Gift Shop!? Estamos dando desconto em varios itens! Nao perca a chance de compra-los porque sao por tempo limitados esses precos! Have you look the Donate and Gift shop lately!? Were giving some discount in various itens! Dont lose this chance to buy ...
1. Mobs 71-79 got nerfed, making easy to kill now. / Mobs 71-79 foi nerfed fazendo eles mais facil de matar. 2. New Purples 72-78 / Novos Purples 72-78. 3. Pumpkin Pet / Mount quest removed but you if you already have it you can still complete it./  Pumpkin Pet ...
Parabens a guild 'Storm' elas foram a vencedoras do Blood Place essa semana! Ate o proximo fds! Congratulation to the guild ' Storm ' they was the winner of the Blood Place this of week! See you next weekend!
Double Weekend Golden Drop Rate  has started! It will end on Monday! / Dupla Final de semana Golden Drop Rate  comecou! Vai terminar Segunda-Feira
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